Season 2

Season 2: 1996

Season 2Edit

The second season began on HBO on November 15, 1996. The season was released on DVD June 4, 2002 as disc 2 of Mr. Show: The Complete First And Second Seasons. The only bonus feature on the DVD is commentary on all 6 episodes.

List of EpisodesEdit


Designation Title Airdate Sketches
201 Now Who Wants Ice Cream? November 15, 1996 Cabin In Woods (Cold Open)
Sovereign Nation (Open)
Mountain Dougie (Part 1)
Peterson Family News (KPFN)
Miracles (Link)
Thrilling Miracles
Ernie Flies
Mountain Dougie (Part 2)
F.F. Woodycooks
Independent Nations Games
Old Man In House (Tag)
202 A Talking Junkie November 22, 1996 David Acts English, Rap (Open)
Talking Junkie
New Son
Red Balloon
Mom & Pop Porn Shop
Ewww Girl Video
Video Soul
Rap! The Musical
Homage Awards
Creepy Peeping Videos (Tag)
203 The Biggest Failure in Broadway History November 29, 1996 Beating Hippie (Open)
No Adults Allowed
No Slackers
Ad Awards
Mob Chase (Link)
Drunk Cops
Pet Funeral (Link)
Jeepers Creepers
Hippie Pie (Close)
Hippie Pie (Tag)
204 If You're Going to Write a Comedy Scene,You're Going to Have Some Rat Feces in There December 6, 1996 Mr. Show Corporation (Open)
Child Labor Writers' Room
Van Hammersly
Gay Son
Major Stockholder Interrupts (Link)
Grass Valley Greg
Big Boss (Link)
Bhopal / Newsreel
New San Francisco
GVG Cleans
Bhopal (Tag)
205 Operation Hell on Earth December 13, 1996 Young Superstar (Open)
Old Folks' Home
Hate Group
News Family Anchors
Blame-A-Thon (Link)
Fartin' Gary
Second Wind
Older Superstar (Close)
206 The Velveteen Touch of a Dandy Fop December 20, 1996 Charity / Blind Gary (Open)
Donut Shop
Megaphone Crooners
Greenlight Gang (Movie Execs)
Coupon: The Trial
Coupon: The Movie
Credits Testimonials (Close)